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Thank you! Great Coffee! Top Service! 5 Stars! Amazing! Delicious! Cheers!

First 200 users get $5 to send their first tip for free.*

*Once you successfully add your payment method we will immediately transfer $5 to your Satisfy wallet so you can send your first tip for free!
Here’s how it works…
First, choose the place
Scan a Smiley QR or Open the App to see Places close to you.
Then, browse the staff
You decide where your money goes. Select whoever you want from the team to send your tip to!
You can add something nice!
Make it meaningful by selecting from available emojis & compliments like Thankyou, Great Coffee, 5 Star Service, Amazing & more…
Any feedback for the manager?
Support your local by letting them know how everything was. Send your ideas, thoughts or criticisms privately and directly to the Manager.
Stay in touch with the team
Once you’ve sent a tip, the team can stay in touch. Rest assured, we have included all the privacy features you have come to expect.