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First 200 users get $5 to send their first tip for free.*

*Once you successfully add your payment method we will immediately transfer $5 to your Satisfy wallet so you can send your first tip for free!
Here’s how it works…
First, choose the place
Choose from available restaurants and cafes. Once things get back to normal, expect hotels, resorts, buskers, and a lot more on board.
Then, browse the staff
You decide where your money goes. Select one or more from available staff to send a tip.
You can say something nice
Make it meaningful by selecting from available emojis & compliments like Thankyou, Great Coffee, 5 Star Service, Amazing & more…
Any feedback for the manager?
Support your local by letting them know everything was. Send your ideas, thoughts or criticisms direct to the Manager.
Stay in touch with the team
Once you’ve sent a tip or feedback, the team can stay in touch. Rest assured, all privacy and safety features are built-in including blocking and reporting.

Why are we here?

To be honest, I thought I was going to have to put this all on ice for the duration of lock down. After almost giving up completely, it occurred to me that I was wrong.

It was almost two years ago that I had an idea for a mobile platform for hospitality. I wanted to design and build something that would connect hospitality owners and staff, with everyone else.

I have worked in Hospitality since I was around 15, a time even before PIN codes and PayWave. It was a time when people would tip in cash. But this isn’t about the money.

It’s about the exchange. You see, when PIN codes and payWave came into our lives, it became a habit to just tap and go. So that moment in time, that simple exchange of money for hospitality, has been reduced to not much more than a beep.

Then, 2020 rolls in with COVID-19 hot on its heels. Our government put in place social distancing guidelines to keep everyone at home, and our restaurants can only serve takeaway.

So why are we here?

For me, technology is not just about making life easier, it’s for bringing out the best of what makes us human.
So I’ve made a place where it’s easy to bring out the best in yourself.

Try sending a tip with Satisfy. You’ll be surprised how good it feels knowing who it’s going to.


PS. We are offering $5 for free to the first 200 users so they can try it for free. Is that going to be you?